A theory that covers ALL of Language for ALL languages everywhere

Language in a Nutshell.
How I did it for Brainchild.
The Real ABCs of Language.
Old notes and papers.
How was this theory discovered?
What wrong ideas had to be overcome?
Visual: Galileo miffed the cardinals in Tinkertoy Panlingua.
Text: Explanation of Tinkertoy model.
Audio: A seminal conversation that took place in late 1994.
Audio: My first lecture on linguistics.
Audio: How to model a human mind from Tinkertoys and string.
Audio: Machine understanding.
Audio: A rigorous definition of semantic role and how it can differ sharply from syntactic role within the same word.
Audio: How to do fuzzy matching against internal arrays.
Some recent discussions about Panlingua.
What is Brainchild5, or BC5?
Audio: A live and speaking demonstration of the potential and power of Brainchild 5.
Chatterbot Demos based on Panlingua: English Hawaiian Buru Language Ambon Malay

For an example of a real search engine using this technology, please try your questions and commands on Witchit, and let me know whether you like it.

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